Content Marketing Isn’t a Tactic, It’s a Commitment

I joked with a friend recently that I get about 500 emails a day. Last week I decided to do a little experiment on my in-box and look through one month’s worth of direct marketing “e-blasts” and see how many gave content away without asking for something in return, other than requiring a click. I read closely to see if the emails were trying to be tricky in any way. … {Read More}

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Is Social Media Stuck in the Little Leagues?

I remember when there was an announcement in second grade for baseball sign-ups. I rushed home to ambush my dad to beg him to let me try out. Oddly, it didn’t take the typical amount of convincing. And my normally gruff father seemed unusually happy that evening. My tentative baseball career and status as a tomboy was approved.

My first year, I was the only girl in the hardball league. Now this … {Read More}

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Screw the Bling, Brands Are a Girl’s Best Friend

It’s a sunny day outside. And I’m the kind of girl who loves to be outdoors doing something active on pretty July days when I’m serendipitously not in the office. I’m pretty much a gear-head and I think the only adventure sport I’m not fully equipped to engage in is probably ice climbing. (Never say never.) But somehow as I look out the window at a gorgeous day, I’m sitting … {Read More}

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Strategy: Are You Pursuing Goals or Grabbing Pawns?

When I was 18, I had a boyfriend who thought he had a great idea. He was going to teach me how to play chess. As he explained the rules, it was a little intimidating, but after a few quick run-throughs, we were ready for our first game.

And I beat him.

I think he was a little dazed, like someone who’d just suffered a concussion in … {Read More}

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The New Yorker Gets Brilliant With iPad Advertising

Mondays immediately take on a magical quality when the first video I happen to watch is something brilliant. All of the sudden, the week has promise. There are still great ideas waiting to be created, and genius has not left the building. No, my Monday morning giddy and rainbows are not a result of a Starbucks overdose. I just love ... {Read More}



Old Spice Inspires New Trust Between Agencies & Brands

Imagine this. Your agency comes in on a Monday morning and tells you they have a proposal. Hear them out. They want to produce 180 commercials over the course of two days. They'll make the media placement with no discussion of CPP or CPM. They'll write the scripts two minutes before ... {Read More}



TEDWomen: Brilliant or Belittling?

I grew up in Texas. (It's no secret if you hear me talk). Forget the podcasts, my relaxed language is tinged with y'alls and drawls. And yes, y'all has both plural and possessive form in case you were curious. I do a pretty good job of keeping it on the down ... {Read More}



Pennsylvania Tourism Gets Foursquare Awesomeness Badge

The land of lush green hillsides and quaint Amish farms has now become the land of Superstars, Adventurers, and Crunks. Pennsylvania Tourism has launched a pretty incredible promotion with Foursquare that encourages tourists and locals to experience everything Pennsylvania has to offer, one check-in at a time. The objective of the promotion is to ... {Read More}